Thursday, March 1, 2012

Can you imagine?

Do you ever ask yourself “what if?” 

Think about your life now and imagine if you could go back in time that would improve your present.

What if you had invested in Apple, Google, or Yahoo when they first launched?  Would you be a millionaire by now?  What if you were given the opportunity to invest in a company and it turn out to be the next big thing?  

If you could go back in time and tell yourself to invest in certain companies, would you?  Imagine what kind of life you would have today.  Think of the possibilities and opportunities available to you.

That’s where Zurker comes in.  Zurker is a social media site that is owned by its members!  As a member, we own shares or vShares.  Why not own a piece of the pie?  Zurker is by invite only.  Join now and build your shares!


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  2. I couldn't imagine going back that far in time and changing much but I am a member of Zurker! New follower from the Drop It Like It's Hot Hop.

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