Sunday, February 5, 2012

#GreysAnatomy If/Then Episode

I watched the Grey’s Anatomy episode titled “If/Then” and it was a bit hilarious to see how the characters would be in an alternate universe.  I liked that the characters somehow had a connection to their currently loves in this alternative world.

Let’s start with Meredith.  She wakes up and her mother, Ellis is alive and married to Richard!  Ellis Grey is the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace while Richard is her rock.  Meredith isn’t as confident and she seems to be a pushover.  She uses her mother’s name and influence to get in on surgeries that her mother suggests to her.

April is still quiet, but she and Meredith are best friends!  They are each other’s person.  

Christina and Meredith are not friends, instead they avoid each other.  Everyone seems to be scared of her.  

The biggest surprise is where Lexi ends up and how her life turned out to be.  She is brought in to the ER for a drug overdose.  She looks completely different.  Her father killed himself and her mother passed away.  

Meredith is engaged…to Alex!  Not only that, Alex is upbeat and positive.  He’s motivating and the chief resident!  I thought it was funny to see him being portrayed as a complete opposite.

Miranda Bailey is also a surprise to see.  She is the complete opposite as well.  She is shy and soft spoken.  She is unable to speak up for herself, even when she sees a problem.

Derek and Addison are still married.  Addison is also pregnant!  The Shephard’s are legend and highly respected at the hospital.  Unfortunately, their marriage isn’t picture perfect.  They are unhappy and disconnected.  Derek has a bad attitude at work, so bad that his nickname is "McDreary."

Callie and Owen are married and have children together.  Callie looks great with her makeup and she seems to dress more girly.  Arizona is single, but both Callie and Arizona seem to have a moment!


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