Friday, February 10, 2012

Shadows Over Paradise - book excerpt

Shadows over Paradise
by Anne K. Edwards

About the book:

An exciting tale of murder, lost love, and politics set in the lovely Mantuan Islands. Julia Graye has enough adventure to last her a life time on a trip to attend the wedding of a friend. Of course, when she finds the body of the groom-to-be on the beach, she knows there will be no wedding. Death stalks Julia also as she is drawn into a mix of smuggling, mystery and murder.

Book Excerpt:

“It never failed. Plan something and someone would try throwing a monkey wrench in the works. Like now.

Julia stared at Captain Martinez. “What do you mean, telling me that I shouldn’t have come? The audacity.

“I said, Miss Graye,” the old sailor answered, “this is no time for visitors. There’s a trouble on Tiboo.” He waved a hand in what was, she supposed, the general direction of her destination. “You might find the trip isn’t worth it.” 

Unbelievable. He was supposed to deliver her to Tiboo and, instead, was trying to talk her into going home with seeing Suzanne. He certainly had a lot of nerve.

“What kind of trouble.” She spoke loudly to be heard over the babble of airport passengers and echoing announcements from hidden speakers. 
“Political, Miss.” His wide jaw tightened.

“How can the political situation in the Mantuan Islands have anything to do with Suzanne’s wedding?” she demanded, impatiently shoving her hair out of her eyes. 

He put on his cap. “If you insist on staying, remember I warned you. Another time, I’d be the first to make you welcome.”

“I won’t be turned away without seeing her.” His attitude was most irritating.

The captain ran a sun-darkened hand over his stubbled chin and shrugged.
He hailed a tall, scrawny porter who looked like he might break in two as he bent to pick up her bags. The man stacked them in his handcart with a flourish. Julia tagged along behind as he led them out through heavy glass doors into the muggy evening air. Taxis waited beneath a brightly lit mural of native Mantuans in the act of worshipping the island gods. 

They rode in silence for several minutes until Julia could bear his obvious annoyance no longer. “Captain?”

“Yes?” He kept his gaze fixed on the passing scene, hands resting lightly on his knees.
“Could you tell me what’s wrong?

He shifted his weight and adjusted his cap, before looking at her. “Some of the locals don’t want strangers on Tiboo.” His deep-set brown eyes contained an expression she couldn’t read.


The captain shook his head. “I’ve said enough, Miss. I didn’t intend to alarm you.”


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